WFG Service Model

We are committed to providing an unsurpassed level of proactive service to each of our clients. To deliver on this promise, every member of our talented team – led by your advisor – is dedicated to understanding and playing their part in helping you work towards your goals. Our team works on your behalf every day to help ensure that your interests are protected and your needs are met. Through our service model you’ll meet regularly with your advisor to review your progress and to determine the appropriate next steps to stay on track. We welcome any and all questions and will connect you with the best person to provide the information you need.





We have a written annual service plan and fiduciary calendar for each committee we serve. The WFG service model involves a very high touch team approach that leverages the expertise each team member provides to the client relationship. We will conduct in person committee meetings at quarterly and offer group education and one-on-one meetings as needed. We are always available to offer support and encourage our clients to contact us with all plan related questions, working quickly to provide answers and resolve issues. Our desire is to partner with you and act as a true extension of your team providing solutions and expertise regarding every aspect of your plan.


Review of your goals and objectives to ensure you are on track and that we are providing proactive service to help you pursue those goals by incorporating the following services:

  • Tax Planning Discussion
  • Insurance Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Giving Review
  • Cash Flow Review
  • Education Goals
  • Savings & Emergency Funds
  • Philanthropic Goals
  • Accumulation Goals


We have developed a disciplined, diversified approach to investment management that helps provide the potential for investment success. Our approach combines diversification with a variety of strategies that seek to minimize risk while offering the potential for strong returns. Our active investment management includes the following services:

  • Ongoing client portfolio management
  • Asset allocation review
  • 529 Contribution Reminders
  • Mandatory Distribution Reminders
  • Retirement Plan Contribution Reminders


Regular in-person and telephone meetings to ensure that we gather the information needed to keep up-to-date with what is going on in your life, allowing us to keep you on target towards meeting your objectives.


We offer our clients access to our web-based financial planning and account aggregation platform, the WFG Wealth Management System. This platform enables you to view all of your investment account information through a secure web address accessible to only you and your Washington Financial Group team.



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