Social Responsibility

WFG Charitable Fund

Help Us Choose Who We Donate To

For the past several years, WFG has chosen 2 worthy organizations each year to provide a year end donation.  In 2014, we added a new wrinkle to our selection process – you get to vote on who you’d like us to select for this year’s donations!

From 2014-2017, we donated $1,000 to each of the 2 winners in any given year. But starting in 2018, we want to do more – we are bumping up our contribution amount 50% by increasing our number of winning organizations to 3!

Another change we’re making is to the number of eligible charities. Up to now, we have always had an eligible list of approximately a dozen charities for you to vote on. The problem with that was that there were always several charities each year that only received a handful of votes. So this year, the WFG team is going to narrow down our nominations to 5 total organizations, which will provide each of them a 60% chance of winning – making your vote count even more!

The nominees for 2018 are (in alphabetical order):

  • Hope to Haiti
  • Inova Health Foundation Caryl Byrnes Women in Need Fund
  • Jill’s House
  • Our Military Kids
  • So Others Might Eat

Now it’s up to you – it’s time to cast your vote!