Melissa Voight

Melissa (Mel) Voight is a Vice President at HUB Retirement and Wealth Management (formerly Washington Financial Group) who brings more than 20 years of industry experience in comprehensive financial planning, wealth accumulation and wealth management strategies. She has helped many people pursue their retirement goals of living well, family legacies and charitable giving. She believes in fostering relationships with clients and will often assign homework after meetings because she believes your planning will be stronger when you understand what you have and why.                    

Mel graduated from Dowling College with a BBA in Management and Leadership. She has a life-long commitment to education about finance. She is the Vice Chair of the McLean Estate Planning Council, an organization committed to the continuing education of attorney’s, financial advisors and CPA’s.

Mel lives in Arlington and is an avid world traveler and foodie with a passion for helping others.

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