Fiduciary Fitness

Retirement plans require prudent governance by plan sponsors and fiduciaries. It is in the best interests, and legal duty pursuant to ERISA, of those responsible for the plan and plan participants to adopt prudent processes for all areas of plan management.

Procedural prudence requires that plan sponsors become educated in each area of responsibility, take actions which are prudent and taken exclusively in the best interest of participants and beneficiaries, and to document all actions taken. Following a well-designed decision-making process is essential. Periodic fiduciary compliance audits are the best way to confirm and document proper roles and execution of responsibilities in a prudent manner.

Our Fiduciary Fitness program is an independent compliance tool to measure the health of a retirement plan. The program provides resources as a means to identifying potential weaknesses in your plan and remedy through education, diligence and process.


The Fiduciary Fitness program helps plan sponsors bring the necessary prudence to all areas of plan management. As a plan sponsor, completion of  the Fiduciary Fitness program will help demonstrate that fiduciary’s are exercising the necessary prudence in managing their retirement plan.

Click here for a pdf on our Fiduciary Fitness Program Education Presentations

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