Behavioral Finance

Behavioral FinanceDrawing on the combined insights of finance and behavioral science, behavioral finance seeks to better understand how people make financial decisions, and why they make mistakes with their money, in order to help them make better choices.

Washington Financial Group utilizes behavioral finance in seeking to help you improve the likeliness of your retirement plan participants’ success in replacing their paycheck during retirement – their longest period of unemployment.

We invite you to learn a little more about how we utilize behavioral finance to enhance your retirement plan:

WFG Circle 1 Behavior Gaps

WFG Circle 2 Behavior Challenges

WFG Circle 3 Inertia

WFG Circle 4 Present Bias

WFG Circle 5 Choice Overload

WFG Circle 6 90-10-90

WFG Circle 7 Auto Enrollment

WFG Circle 8 Auto Increase

WFG Circle 9 Auto Invest

WFG Circle 10 The Retirement Planning Journey

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