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At Washington Financial Group, we believe a successful employee education and communication program is critical to helping meet the goals established for your retirement plan. We pride ourselves on an employee education offering that is comprehensive, compelling and technically proficient.

Today’s employees need to understand just how much influence they have over their own retirement outcomes. It’s clear that engagement in their plan can positively influence their retirement future, especially when it comes to saving. For example, increasing their retirement plan savings rate will likely do more to create a better retirement outcome than almost any other action they can take. The clearer employees’ understanding of the power they have, the more confident they can be.

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We conduct regularly scheduled enrollment education meetings to help your employees to be bettered prepared and stay the course.

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Our Employee Education Series is an ongoing series of webinars designed to encourage employees to take steps toward becoming more prepared for retirement, their longest period of unemployment.

The following are links to recordings of our most recent Employee Education Series webinars:

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