Employee Lifecycle Approach

Worksite Financial Solutions is designed to assist employers in giving comprehensive retirement planning services that focus on all stages of the employee’s employment life cycle. Most employers do not have the time or resources to offer such robust services on their own. By utilizing this program, employers can address the ongoing retirement planning concerns that their employees face.

Employee Lifecycle Approach

Employee Engagement: when new employees bring their retirement accounts from past employers, the Employee Engagement Solution helps make it easy for them—and for you—to integrate their accounts into your plan.

Employee Education: financial worries may be keeping your employees up at night and leave them distracted during the workday. How (or even if) they will be able to retire is one common concern; many employees know they are unprepared for retirement,¹ but don’t know what to do about it. They want and need help.

Employee Advice: the Employee Advice Solution gives employees a unified strategy based on education and advice, saving them the time, effort and resources needed to tackle it alone.

Employee Transition: the departure of employees is difficult for all parties involved. The Employee Transition Solution can help make the process less stressful, giving former employees the tools and advice they need to move forward.

¹2011 EBRI Retirement Confidence Survey
Worksite Financial Solutions is a program exclusive to LPL Financial and its advisor partners.

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