Service Solutions

We will work with you and your plan provider to develop and execute a comprehensive program focused on the ultimate objective of a participant-directed retirement plan: Enhancing the Participant Experience.

Plan sponsor experience, anecdotal evidence and repeated studies indicate the manner in which investment-related information has been communicated has not always been effective in helping workers save and invest effectively. Further, in terms of investment behavior, studies indicate that even those who are saving may not be investing appropriately.¹

If your experience is like that of many other plan sponsors, what’s clear is that the traditional communications and education models may not be working.

Our communications team employs highly personalized and targeted communications integrated with thorough utilization of your recordkeeper’s extensive resources in an effort to more fully engage participants in the plan and in taking appropriate steps toward achieving their own financial security.


We will work with you to develop an integrated communications strategy that combines whatever resources your retirement plan vendor can offer with a sophisticated, detailed assessment of participant needs and resources specifically selected to address them through direct, one-to-one communications and, as appropriate and desired, investment advice.

¹How America Saves 2014, The Vanguard Group, Inc.

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