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  • Jul 12 2019
    LIFT Retirement Newsletter Q3 2019

    As we close the first half of 2019, we urge plan sponsors to spend a bit of time reflecting on Measurement and Strategic Planning for your retirement plans. Before you know it, you will be sending annual notices and making plan amendments.  Our quarterly newsletter discusses the three following topics for plan sponsor information: Plan  Read more ➝

  • Jul 5 2019
    Longest Economic Expansion Ever

    Happy Birthday, United States of America! As we celebrate our nation’s birthday, U.S. leadership on the world stage remains in focus. We received good news on the global trade front from the recent G20 Summit in Japan. President Trump and China’s President Xi agreed to a trade truce, clearing the way for the two nations  Read more ➝

  • Jun 13 2019
    How to Think About Financial Wellness ROI

    If you want to sell your C-suite on paying for an employee financial wellness program, you’ll probably hear this question from your CFO: What’s the ROI? It’s natural for a chief financial officer to ask about the return on investment (ROI) from spending the organization’s money on a program that, at first glance, appears to  Read more ➝

  • Jun 7 2019
    Trade and Tariffs

    Trade tensions have interrupted an unusually calm year in U.S. stocks. In May, the S&P 500 Index fell from an April 30 record high as the United States and China failed to reach a trade deal and escalated tariff tensions. The United States also proposed new tariffs on Mexico, further complicating the outlook for trade.  Read more ➝

  • May 22 2019
    Should You Include ESG Funds in Your Retirement Plan?

    ESG, or environmental, social and governance funds, can be appealing to many investors, including millennials. These funds may be viewed as a proactive way to encourage reluctant and under-prepared millennials to save for retirement.  But is it a good idea to include ESG funds in your plan’s investment menu to entice investment do-gooders to boost  Read more ➝

  • May 15 2019
    Is it Time to Consider a New Plan Design?

    You may have heard about a “cash balance plan” and wondered whether it would be something advantageous for your business.  A cash balance plan operates differently from other types of traditional retirement plans in that it combines features of both defined benefit and defined contribution plans. Technically, a cash balance plan is classified as a  Read more ➝

  • May 9 2019
    Your Past, Present, and Future to Financial Wellness

    Did you know that 53% of full-time employed American adults felt stressed dealing with their personal financial situations over the past few years?[1] Financial wellness programs can be beneficial to financially-stressed employees, but there are many stages to financial wellness! Our new Employee Guide covers the three stages of financial wellness: Paying down debt Paying  Read more ➝

  • May 3 2019
    Off to a Strong Start

    If it seems like the financial markets have been off to an unusually strong start to the year—you are correct. The S&P 500 Index has risen for four consecutive months, resulting in the strongest start to a year in more than 30 years! To be fair, the early gains included recovery from oversold market conditions  Read more ➝

  • May 1 2019
    5 Plan Design Features for Retirement Readiness

    Successful financial wellness programs help employees feel in control and on track in their financial lives – and that includes planning for retirement. We’ve outlined five quick ways to help your employees work toward financial wellness when savings for their retirement future!     Like this video? Check out more here.       This information  Read more ➝

  • Apr 17 2019
    What is Financial Wellness?

    By Joe DeNoyior One of the greatest shifts happening in the workplace right now is the rise of the next generation of workers. That is paired with the advancing pace of change brought about by technology. This change in the working environment means more employees are expecting their employer to provide additional benefits, insight, and  Read more ➝