Fiduciary Services

When you partner with a team that enjoys the ins-and-outs of a retirement plan, be prepared for a new way of thinking. One that aims to create an experience with lasting and impactful results. We believe that as an employer, you have the power to create successful retirement outcomes. And we are not afraid of the hard work and dedication it takes to boldly ask the question: “Can we do more?” Which is why, we aim to provide employers and employees with the best experiences and options that seek to achieve retirement readiness.

As investment fiduciary advisors, we convey a higher level of conviction towards achieving plan success. We partner to guide your retirement plan committee and, together, we make meaningful strides towards retirement outcomes.




The need for prudent, practical, and consistent oversight is more important than ever before. At Washington Financial Group, we understand the concerns and challenges our clients face on a daily basis. We have real conversations to develop meaningful relationships with employers and employees, and through these conversations, we uncover strategies for mutual success.

We gladly ask our clients how we can do more to help them prepare their employees for retirement and manage their fiduciary responsibilities.




For plan sponsors, we know that typical committee meetings can be dry: our goal is to make them insightful and, dare we say, impactful! We bring together enhanced technology, behavioral finance, and dynamic platforms that seek to engage employers and excite employees.

Our style breaks complex issues into tangible real examples, not percentages and basis points. Our team is dedicated to making a difference and we aim to go beyond what one might expect from a basic group meeting. Instead, we work with retirement plan committees to deliver an integrated, best practices approach. This combines quality tools, consistent processes, and organizational structures that aim to lead towards well‐informed decision-making, risk management and, a higher probability of successful outcomes for your plan.

At Washington Financial Group, we roll up our sleeves to help people save for a comfortable retirement. It’s time to place our faith in the future to empower
committee members with modern technology that seeks to maximize your employees’ retirement success.

Our team has been awarded the PLANSPONSOR Small Advisor Team of the Year and we bring over 25 years of retirement planning expertise to your aide.

That’s why we have faith in the future.




Whatever it takes to motivate your employees, we’re into it: on-site or off-site group meetings, one-on-one, or webinars. We believe that employee engagement starts with connection. It is difficult to connect with someone when you are speaking two totally different languages. We use tangible, real examples, not charts and graphs, and ask questions to allow your participants to drive the conversation.

We also utilize Financial Wellness programs to pursue dramatic improvement of the health of your retirement plan through increasing deferral rates, reducing loans, and improving the way your employees plan and invest for retirement.





We are the new investment fiduciary advisors. We go beyond the basics to uncover what action items your committee can take towards matching lifestyles, becoming the employer of choice, and most importantly, placing your employees on a path toward retirement readiness.

Our Commitment of Services to you and your employees is comprehensive. We consider ourselves to be your plan’s overall relationship manager and hope you will view us not only as your advocate, but also as an extension of your company, focused on your unique goals and objectives. Constant improvement is our strategic vision, and delivering it to you and your employees in an effective fashion consistent with your needs is our mission.

We are proud of our commitment to excellence and will work hard to develop a strong and lasting partnership.



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