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Focused on You.

When you partner with a team that enjoys the ins-and-outs of a retirement plan, be prepared for a new way of thinking. One that creates an experience with lasting and impactful results. We believe that as an employer you have the power to create successful retirement outcomes. And we are not afraid of the hard work and dedication it takes to boldly ask the question: “Can we do more?” Which is why we aim to provide employers and employees with the best experiences and options that seek to achieve retirement readiness.

How We Help You Provide an Effective Retirement Plan

Our experience supporting retirement plan clients has given us knowledge covering all aspects of plan operations, including managing plan conversions, changing service providers, updating and monitoring investments, vendor benchmarking, fee analysis, monitoring the plan’s overall health, and employee engagement. Combining our expertise and passion in retirement services with your specific objectives, we strive to help you design a workplace retirement program that meets your business needs and helps your employees on their path to retirement.

Investment Review

  • Investment Policy Statement Review
  • Investment Selection
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Selection and Monitoring of QDIAs


  • Fee and Service Review
  • Benchmarking of Fees and Services
  • Review ERISA Spending Accounts or PERAs
  • Help Generate/Evaluate Service Provider RFPs
  • Help Service Provider Transition and/or Plan Conversion

Plan Governance

  • Guidance Regarding Plan Objectives and Options
  • Retirement Plan Committee Structure and Governance Best Practices
  • ERISA Rule 404(a) Support
  • Fiduciary Audit File Guidance
  • Facilitate Retirement Plan Committee Meetings


  • Group Education Meetings
  • Support Individual Participant Questions
  • Financial Education Emails, Podcasts and Webinars
  • Financial Wellness Programs

Best Practices Approach

We work with retirement plan committees to deliver an integrated, best practices approach that puts in place tools, processes, and organizational structures leading to well‐informed decision‐making, risk management and, potentially, a higher probability of successful outcomes for your plan.

How We Help You Provide an Impactful Retirement Plan

The need for prudent, practical, and consistent oversight is more important than ever before. At HUB Retirement and Wealth Management, we understand the concerns and challenges our clients face on a daily basis. We have real conversations to develop meaningful relationships with employers and employees, and through these conversations, we uncover strategies to seek mutual success. We gladly ask our clients how we can do more to help them prepare their employees for retirement and manage their fiduciary responsibilities.

We Seek to Improve Retirement Outcomes for Your Employees

We utilize financial wellness programs to pursue dramatic improvement of the health of your retirement plan through increasing deferral rates, reducing loans, and improving the way your employees plan and invest for retirement.

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