Our story

Often, the word “opportunity” is used in the context of a specific investment product or rate of return. At HUB Retirement and Wealth Management, we take a broader view of what opportunity really means for you and your family. We understand that while investment returns are important, they only represent one piece of the puzzle that can lead to overall financial well-being. We believe that opportunity is where knowledge and experience meet to support your goals and desires, and help you anticipate and overcome any challenges along the path to pursuing your goals.

Serving as your financial advocate and guide, we believe it’s our job to seek out and provide you with access to the opportunities that are right for you at each stage of your life. We seek to accomplish this through:

Our comprehensive approach to financial and investment planning seeks to capture opportunities tailored to your needs and goals. By taking the time to understand you and your passions and challenges in life, we are better able to develop long-term strategies customized to your needs.

We believe opportunities are limited by the constraints and conflicts of interest inherent in most traditional brokerage models. As independent advisors we have no obligations to investment product manufacturers; and no cross-sell quotas or home-office directives. We spend our time developing customized strategies for the unique challenges you face. This provides you with the confidence you seek to pursue financial independence on your terms.

Our non-proprietary, open-architecture investment platform provides access to the universe of industry leading investments products and portfolio managers to select among in constructing your portfolio. This includes access to many institutional investment managers and sophisticated alternative investment strategies that other advisors may not have access to or the knowledge or experience to seek out.

Our experienced advisors have spent decades developing their individual areas of expertise. They have also taken the time to develop relationships with professions adept in multiple financial disciplines outside of their immediate area of specialization. Together with the external team of professional partners we have assembled, we strive to address all of your wealth management needs. We work on your behalf to coordinate the activities of these professionals to help ensure coordination and alignment with your financial and lifestyle goals. We are also happy to work with your existing team of attorneys or tax advisors to coordinate strategies and ensure your best interests always come first.

We will work with you to share our deep knowledge of wealth management in a clear and helpful manner. You will experience not only a high level of responsive service, but proactive service that seeks to deliver on our commitment to provide the advice and ongoing support you require to do what you want, when you want…with confidence.

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