Financial Wellness+

Focused on You.

Financial Wellness programs can help improve the health of a retirement plan by increasing deferral rates, reducing loans and improving the way employees plan and invest for retirement. Through behavioral change, you can increase employees’ retirement preparedness by fostering lasting improvements to their financial habits. However, software alone doesn’t power behavior change. The key missing ingredient is the human element. Financial Wellness+ solves this problem. Financial Wellness+ is the only enterprise ready solution that allows for the combination of software and humans to enact real change.

Financial Wellness+ begins with employees completing a Workplace Financial Assessment survey to gauge employees’ financial wellness and financial vulnerabilities. Once the survey is complete, we then address the areas which need improvement through targeted education and communication initiatives to help employees get a better understanding of their financial situation and understand where they can make improvements.

key components

  • User friendly interface
  • Gamified financial wellness scoring
  • Proprietary assessment driven behavioral engine
  • Built in messaging
  • Integrated appointment scheduling for 1-on-1 consultations

Starts with everyday decisions

  • User specific engagement and action items
  • Custom content, tools and solutions
  • Action driven goals and daily to-dos
  • Custom automation
  • Budgeting, cash flow and account aggregation

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