Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness is becoming a critical employee benefit.

Financial Wellness, from an employees’ perspective, is a state of financial well-being, where they have minimal financial stress, a strong financial foundation and a plan they are following that puts them on track towards meeting future financial goals.

Employers are increasingly recognizing that financial stress is attacking both their company cultures and their bottom line in the form of:

  • Delayed Retirement Costs: based on data collected by Financial Finesse, they estimate employers spend between $10,000 and $50,000 per year for each employee that delays retirement for financial reasons
  • Increased Health Care Costs: according to the American Psychological Association, 60% of health care costs are impacted by financial stress.
  • Employee Demand for Unbiased Financial Guidance: Financial Finesse’s post-implementation surveys indicate more than 90% of employees who have a financial wellness program available through their employer say it’s an important part of their benefits package.

Financial Wellness programs are designed with the goal of improving the health of a retirement plan by increasing deferral rates, reducing loans and improving the way employees plan and invest for retirement.


Through Financial Finesse’s behavioral change model, you can pursue the goal of increasing employees’ retirement preparedness by fostering lasting improvements to their financial habits.

Click here for a pdf of our Financial Wellness Brochure

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