PlanSuccess Audit


The PlanSuccess Audit will score your plan’s behavioral health in three areas: Participation Health, Deferral Health and Investment Menu Health.

PlanSuccess Audit

The scores are based on both process and actual outcomes. For example, suppose we have a retailer with low-paid employees, and they haven’t gotten to their 90-10-90 outcomes goal yet. But if the plan has done the right things, then it can still get a high score. In fact, a plan can get a perfect score from either having great outcomes or having the right behavioral process in place.

The PlanSuccess Audit will also present you with a customized set of recommendations which we can work together to implement.

PlanSuccess Audit reports can vary between a dozen to two dozen recommendations, depending on the plan.

The process is very straight forward. Our objective is to move the needle for your plan:

  • We work with you to collect the plan data we need to perform a behavioral audit of your plan (this requires only a minimal time commitment from the plan sponsor)
  • The audit will score your plan in three behavioral health areas
    1. Participation Health
    2. Deferral Health
    3. Investment Menu Health
  • We’ll then provide recommendations tailored to your plan and discuss how to implement them with the goal of improving the behavioral health of your plan

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